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Systemic constellations succession planning and transition.

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Registered participants will receive a link to the replay after the live webinar.

More about this topic in the Blog and in the YouTube channel.

About this webinar series

In every family business, enterprise and organisation comes a time when the founder, owner, or leader wants to move on to something new or enjoy her or his retirement. The search for a good solution for the organisation and the people and stakeholders presents often a challenge:

  • What is a good solution?
  • Who we be prepared to take over?
  • With whom do I feel comfortable?
  • What would be my role afterwards?

And the question is always:

How can succession planning, the hand-over and the transition succeed with a good solution for all?

This question is closely related the other focus topics which surfaced during my work with family constellations in the context of renewal and innovation. The succession is such an important topic with impact for many stakeholders, so that I want to prepare a special place for it in the series of webinars and workshops.

From our work we know and experience that succession planning is not a simple task. It is not about handing he key over to someone. It is an emotionally engaging and challenging process.

Therefore, it is beneficial for many people to take a closer look and surface insights about this topic and the related movement.

The webinars are a great way to participate with many other people together at the same time without having to travel. And this way the community and the field can stay connected, exchange experiences and stay up to date on the latest developments in the constellation work about this topic.

The systemic constellations are indeed a creative work in the sense that it produces new insights with every constellation.

Let me invite you to this webinar series. And if you miss a webinar you can check back in and watch the replay and exchange comments and feedback.

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